Using this site you can create a league, manage teams and players, enter scores online, track stats, etc. Leagues can be simple and self managed, or complex with a variety of levels of access, including league administrators, team captains, players, and general spectators. The basic goal is to minimize the work for league organizers, while providing instant updates for standings and stats.

Some of the features available are summarized in the chart below. Anyone can access some of your league's information. Players known to the system are able to take advantage of more features.

guest access
  • view game schedules by team or by day
  • view game by game results
  • view current and previous season standings
  • get league contact info and contact any league administrator
  • view rules and league notes
  • view and post lost-and-found items and articles for sale
player access
(requires userid/password)
  • signup for games and/or indicate you cannot attend
  • view team and league statistics
  • request email reminders on or before game day
  • view contact information for all team members
  • view primary contact information for other teams
  • update personal profile
team captain access
(requires userid/password)
  • submit scores
  • enter stats
  • book practices and reschedule rained out games
  • upload a team logo
  • update settings of any player on the same team
  • reset passwords for team members
  • update team properties and designate team contacts
  • set a team password so new team members can create their own accounts
administrator access
(requires userid/password)
  • generate, upload, or manually create games
  • the schedule generator supports tournament formats
    like round-robin and knockout as well as custom game trees
  • edit and delete games
  • create, edit, and delete users, divisions, and locations
  • create tournaments
  • configure league properties
  • set general team-captain password
  • upload rules and a league logo
  • post messages
  • save the game data for an old season
  • post advertisements

If you have any questions, please contact info@anythingmore.com. To create your own league now, click here.

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