Manage Your League Online

It is a lot of work to organize and maintain a sports league. Well, it used to be a lot of work. was designed and developed by both players and administration of a 3-division, 30-team softball league. It has been a great success!

Standings that were often weeks out of date are now always current. Rescheduling a rain-out is nolonger a head-ache to organize. It's easy to track who is planning to attend games, and there are no excuses about forgetting when the next game will happen. Comparing your stats with the league leader adds a new dimension to your competative spirit.

No Charge Setup: free, $0.00/month

All features are fully available. You can create and manage your own league without restriction.

Premium Support: $95/year

A premium support subscription puts you first in line for support and new feature requests. You are also entitled to a link reference page off the main index if you choose.

If you have any questions, please contact To create your own league now, click here.

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