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Lost And Found

  Description Last
Lost: Lost pair of perscription sunglasses on field 2 on June 28th they were sitting on the picnic table in brown case. June 29, 2010 Megan Vanderwelle
Lost: 6/7 keys on a ring, 1 car key, 1 bike key, rest house/luggage keys.
Lost around R&G #3 Sept 2, 2009 after 6:30pm game
Sep. 4, 2009 Keith De Silva
Found: Pair of baseball shoes, R&G #1. Please contact via email. July 3, 2009 Joseph C. Chen
Found: Found black and orange jacket on RIM#4 during September 13-14 tournament weekend. Oct. 2, 2008 David Clark
Found: Brown Mizuno glove at RIM #4 on Sunday morning of tournament weekend. Good condition, looks new (but still wet). Sep. 15, 2008 Dick McMurray
Found: Ladies' green spring jacket. Found on NCR Diamond #1 in mid-June.

July 9, 2008 Ralph Stacey
Lost: Brown Mizuno baseball glove - well used and worn. different stitching used on glove. mizuno label fell off a number of years ago.

Lost on June 11 on NCR #1.
Please email if found. Thanks.
June 25, 2008 Gary
Lost: Black left-handed glove (Rawlings?), believed lost at NCR about two weeks ago, maybe NCR #1. Last place remembered was propped up on a post at a gate. June 25, 2008 Joseph C. Chen
Lost: Black Rawlings glove
Lost during tournament at RIM 5 or 6 in September 2007
May 12, 2008 Tim Fisher
Lost: Volkswagon car keys, with climbing clip. August 27, NCR #1. Aug. 31, 2007 Tim Harris
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